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Orion in the Ice Age

Any subject such as this spawns all kinds of strange ideas and web sites. However, at the subject is dealt with in a sober manner, and the story is all about a small piece of mammoth ivory found in the Ach Valley of Germany and dating back over 30,000 years ago.

Neanderthals with feathers in their hair

At .... scientists digging at the Grotto of Smoke in North Italy have found some intriguing evidence. There are a lot of Neanderthal bones in the cave - and 660 bones belonging to 22 species of birds (with cut and scrape marks it is alleged). The birds include falcons, vultures, Alpine choughs, and wood pigeons.

Lucy's Foot

At ... the bones of a human foot curve upwards to form arches and this feature has been found in a 3.2 million year old Australpithecus afarensis to fossil in East Africa - a relative of Lucy.

Human evolution - the spats

At ... is based on a paper in the Journal of Human Evolution that contradicts the long held belief that the noses of Neanderthals were adapted to extreme weather - the cold climate at the edge of a huge ice sheet.

Early Human Revisions

At ... there is a report on the recent discovery of the remains of humans found at Qesem Cave near Rosh Ha'ayin in modern Israel. Incredibly, these have been dated via cave floor detritus, to some 400,000 years ago. Now, according to this post the consensus Out of Africa hypothesis is under pressure.

A tale of a finger bone and a tooth

This story has been on BBC News and you can read about it at a variety of blogs, including which is a report on a paper in the December 23rd issue of Nature about the fingerbone of a young girl found in a cave in southern Siberia and dated 30,000 years ago. She was neither a modern human or a Neanderthal but belonged, it is said, to a previously unknown human species - possibly hybrid.

Lost World

At ... a paper in Current Anthropology speculates that the Persian Gulf was an oasis during the last Ice Age - and even in the early Holocene. It was not until around 6000BC that the floor of the Gulf was flooded - and it was dry land during the last Ice Age too. The actual Indian Ocean coastline during the Pleistocene may also have differed - but this is not mentioned. Suffice to say, Arabia was joined to Iran.

Dogs and Maths

At,1518,732654,00.html 'Egyptian dog bones could help solve canine conundrum'. Scientists are trying to work out how the wolf evolved into 400 breeds of dog - and they have turned their attention on Egypt and the cult of Anubis, the Jackal god. Thousands of mummified dogs (as well as jackals, foxes, and hyenas) were placed in what is a huge cave. Other cemeteries exist of other cult animals - such as cats, snakes, baboons, mice, fish, crocodiles and bulls.