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Hittites again ...

At ... the Hittites once again are invoked and again at a date long before they existed - 4000 years ago. Well, they probably did exist, somewhere - but not as a kingdom or empire in Anatolia. The goddess turns out to be Ishtar, a semitic deity better known from Nineveh and Sumero-Babylonia.

rays or meteors

   at,406023,polish-archaeologists-... ... collaboration between Polish archaeologists and their Danish counterparts have taken place at a site on the island of Bornholm in Denmark. Vasagard, it is claimed on the Polish web site, is a temple set up to worship the Sun. It is surrounded by a palisade and the entracne is aligned to the solstices, they say (but also hedge their bets by including the equinoxes).

Maltese temples

At ... found in Greece, a third millennium BC settlement on a beach on the Argolis coast. It was at a depth of 3m and covers an area around 3 acres. It was a fortified site, defended against invaders from the sea, with a defensive wall and round towers situated along its length. The presence of large quantities of stone tools and obsidian blades is also mentioned, as well as various buildings (in outline).

Lincolnshire trackway

At .... and the beach in question was near Cleethorpes, a seaside resort (highly popular before the package holidays to Spain and Portugal).

A wooden trackway built in order to cross boggy ground has been dated to the Early Bronze Age (which covers a multitude of sins). It was preserved in peat. More information will emerge later.

Second Temple

At ... a drainage tunnel, or ancient sewer, several hundred metres in length runs from near the Siloam Pool in Jerusalem, on the slopes of the ancient city, to Robinson's Arch, a stone staircase in the market area of the Old City (medieval). Archaeologists found a Roman sword there which led to research which came up with a remarkable piece of history as the excavations proceeded over 20 years.


At ... the site of Biblical Gath is being excavated and fortifications and an entrance gate have been unearthed which go back to the early Iron Age. As a result of this there has been a press release to the effect the Gath of King David has been found - but when we read down it says it is more likely from the 9th century, contemporary with Ahab. However, more interesting perhaps is the evidence of earthquake - with a suggested date in the 8th century (contemporary with an earthquake recorded in the Book of Amos).

Avebury, Blandford, Duropolis

At ... the remains of a house have been found at Avebury, situated near the West Kennet avenue (two parallel lines of stones that stretch for one and a half miles). Many other finds, from miniature flint saws and arrowheads to various other undisclosed items have been dug out of the ground.

Denisova cave, Altai

At ... this excellent web site has lots of images to go with its science stories - and we get to see inside the cave.


At .... it seems Monmouth is back in the archaeological news with another curious discovery. A while ago we had boats that were once being built and used on a former glacial lake and now we have the remains of a wooden building on stilts going back 5000 years ago - and also built on the former lake. The site is going to be turned into a housing estate and the archaeology is being done prior to that situation taking place.