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super douper solar flares

At .... at what is called the Space Weather Workshop which took place in Boulder, Colorado, sponsored by NOAA and NASA, there was a presentation on the possibility of super solar flares - one thousand times more energetic than anything seen in the last 100 years.

The Ripper

At ... NASAs Chandra X-ray Observatory is thought to have witnessed a white dwarf star rip apart a planet which came too close. The piece claims gravity was to blame. A white dwarf is a failing star which has shrunk (or that is the thinking) - and though smaller and more dense it can pack a stiff punch. Hence, the pull of its gravity is strong.

Chandra also looked at a black hole and apparently the x-rays emitted came not from the hole itself (or the region attributed to a hole) but somewhat to the side.

Firing up the Sun

At ... is about the coronol heating theory. Something is going on in the atmosphere of the Sun - but what. Nano flares in their many hundreds if not millions appear to fire up the Sun

a comet with rings

At ... astronomers have spotted rings around the huge space rock Chiron. For the possible significance of this asteroid see Clube and Napier - and lets not forget the Lord of the Rings (pun intended) as in early issues of SIS journals and in their two books, the Cosmic Serpent and Cosmic Winter (both are out of print and only available second hand but their SIS articles are freely available).

Rosetta and magnetism

At ... we learn that magnetic field data collected by the Philae lander and transferred back to Rosetta shows the comet itself is not magnetised. However, Philae was only beaming back information for a short period before being bounced back into its hidey hole - where it has yet to awake.

Robert Brown and Lucretius Meton

Tim Cullen again, at his scintillating best, cutting a swathe through the settled science paradigm - and this time it is Brownian motion (all the way from Robert Brown) - see which seems to have been inspired in part by Dr Gerald Pollack and his Fourth Phase of Water (and a speaker at the 2014 and the upcoming 2015 EU conference). You can see a video of Pollack on song via and their YouTube list (otherwise simply key in his name in your search engine and the same videos will pop up).

uniformitarian asteroids

Another piece of settled science bashing from the baneful keyboard of Tim Cullen at ... the missing world, in this instance, being an object between Mars and Jupiter, marked by the asteroid belt. Way back, once upon a time, it was thought a planet had existed in this part of space and the asteroids are remnants of said planet. Some people, even now, are prepared to consider this a possibility.

seasons of the Sun

William Thompson and Donald Billings, 'Observations Bearing on the Kippenhahn-Schluter Quiescent Prominence Model' (1967) Astrophysical Journal volume 149 page 269-273 - see ... William Thompson notes the article on seasons of the Sun recently made use of data at the High Altitude Observatory in Climax, Colorado, which the article above, going back to 1967, did likewise.

glaciers on Mars, seasons on the Sun

At ... Mars not only has polar ice caps but has glaciers elsewhere too - in both hemispheres. These glaciers have until now been obscured by a thick layer of surface dust - but they are made up of frozen water. Eureka - water on Mars. The paper was published in Geophysical Research Letters.

At ... the Sun is subject to seasonal variability with activity waxing and waning over a period of two years - according to a paper in Nature Communications this week.

Velikovskian orbits, radio oddities

Tim Cullen has been his usual self - questioning the group think of consensus science. One of his posts as been re-published at Tall Bloke's Talk Shop - go to