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At .... archaeology at Megiddo - Biblical Armageddon. The last battle - the last conflagration etc. The mound of the city is SE of Haifa, not far from Nazareth. The mound is composed of 20 cities (built on top of each other, very often after one of them was destroyed in a conflagration). It began life around 5000BC. In other  words, Megiddo has experienced a number of armageddons - and a final one as the mound was abandoned in the 3rd century AD. Why did it become the focal battle of Revelation?

Jupiter Peering

From Earth to Mars - and now we have Jupiter. Link sent in by Robert - beginning with ... which amounts to more results coming in from the Juno mission. The full paper, for those interested, is at

What a Beauty

   ... Denmark has been enjoying the huge amounts of rainfall we have been experiencing in the UK. The image shown was taken by photographer Ruslan Merzlakov on February 23rd, 2020, on a footpath that was flooded (near the Uggerby River). In fact, the footpath looks like a river, so much rain has fallen on sodden ground. In fact, the actual footpath is nigh on invisible - so much water on the surface of the ground.


We've had a rash of fireball reports recently, in different parts of the world. We begin with one that ocurred  in September last year above Germany. At Flensberg a citizen found a stone weighing 24.5g on the lawn of his back garden, bearing a black fusion crust. It was carbonaceous - but not your usual sort. It contains minerals - silicates and carbonnites (see ) ...

Galactic Cosmic Rays

At ... the Atacama Telescope Array in Chile has been looking at Titan, the largest moon of Saturn. They found a chemical footprint in Titan's atmosphere that indicates that cosmic rays with an origin outside the solar system affect chemical reactions in the formation of nitrogen bearing organic molecules. This is the first observational confirmation of such a process and what is true of Titan is probably ture of other bodies in the solar system.

Rectangular Sun

Yes, this is really a picture of the Sun, as seen over the ocean near Rio de Janiero - see (February 10th 2020) ....

Meteorites from before the Sun came into being

At ... a chunk of a meteorite seems to contain interstellar material which is said to have formed before the Sun came into being (or that is the theory).

At ... concerns new outbursts from Magnetar 1E.

Heavenly Bursts of Energy

At ... Cosmic lightning is happening all around us we are told. Somewhere in the sky there is a pulse that flashes and extinguishes itself at the next moment. Such heavenly bursts are measured  with radio telescopes and have been one of the mysteries of astrophysics. They are also known as 'fast radio bursts'. It seems the frequency of these bursts actualy disposes of the standard idea they were created in catastrophic events such as novae (or supernovae come to that).

Solar Flares and Scorching Gases

At ... (and see ... at the back end of 2017 a massive new region of magnetic activity produced a series of potent solar flares causing turbulent space weather conditions on earth. These were the first flares to be captured, moment by moment, by the Expanded Owens Valley Solar Array radio telescope.

Jupiter chucking stuff at Earth

The two links below were sent in by Gary. At ... Mars is losing water faster than previously thought we learn. This may effect the search for life - as water is the assumed key. It is thought water on Mars was a fact - in the past. A residue is still locked up in polar ice caps. Indeed, NASAs Global Surveyor, a few years ago, found gullies that may have been created by flowing water - although that is an open question.