Catastrophism news

Greenland Ice Shearing

At ... courtesy of ... Greenland ice bergs may have triggered the Younger Dryas event is the title of what is a 2013 post. This is a variation on the old theory that Canadian melt water flow into the North Atlantic and caused the cooling period (which lasted a 1000 years, or longer). As such it is a peculiarity as climate blips usually  last a fraction of that time.

Meteor Explosion

It seems the meteor explosion over the Dead Sea has caught up with mainstream - see ... which begins by telling us the South West Trinity team have been excavating at Tall el-Hammam for the last 13 years (and will be back there again in the new year). The civilisation on the Middle Ghor (or Kikkar Plain) had lasted all of 2500 years and was prosperous in the MB era. It had a perimeter wall a 100 feet thick, and 50 feet high - a quite formidable defensive barrier. It had multiple gates, and towers, and all were obliterated in an airburst event.

Hibben in for rehabilitation

Hibben in for rehabilitation. A doubtful ending to a long saga but it seems all the internet anti-Hibben verbals may have got it wrong after all - and there is a catastrophe at the heart of the Alaskan muck deposits. However, not a single catastrophe but a succession of them, all in keeping with the Clube and Napier Taurid complex theory of the 1990s. Go to ... for the full article published in Nature last year (2017) - with no sign of a response from mainstream.


America's National Centre for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) has posted a video illustrating what might happen if an asteroid crashed into one of the earth's oceans. Link provided by William ... .. and the same video at

Meteor Blast over Sodom

At .. this is the expected paper promised by SIS member Phil Silvia - just read out at a conference (and already making waves). The Biblical tale of Sodom has intrigued people for generations. Silvia and Collins enlisted some members of the Younger Dryas boundary event team including our friend George Howard of ...

African Big Boys

The big boys in this story are mega-herbivores - and the animals that preyed on them, the sabre toothed cats. Why did they become extinct. At ... we are told human hunters are usually blamed for such disappearances of animal species over the last few million years or so. This always revolves around the big boys of the African fauna - and the little boys are ignored (even when they become extinct just as mysteriously). Says it all I suppose.

Lakes on Mars

Here is the article to go with the story about rain in the Atacama desert - overflowing crater lakes caused canyons to be cut out on Mars (go to ...). We are told that billions of years ago water flowed freely across Mars. Former rivers erupted into craters, forming lakes and seas. Sometimes these lakes became so filled with water they overflowed - creating catastrophic flooding events. They go on to sugegst that catastrophic geological processes may have played a major role in shaping the landscape of Mars.

Big News Story

The big news story this week is of course the discovery of a massive crater under the Greenland ice sheet. Both William and Gary have forwarded links to the story. At ... we are told a 19 mile wide crater has been discovered half a mile under the ice sheet - and it is speculated it was caused by a kilometre wide iron meteor. Of course, until the crater is actually investigated nobody really knows - and the same goes for the date it struck.

Scottish Tsunamis

Weather Eye in the Times (of London) a couple of weeks ago had a piece on tsunamis that affected the Shetland Islands (and the Scottish mainland in the first instance). Until this year it was thought the only really big tsunami to affect Britain was the one dated just over 8000 years ago that was blamed on a collapse of the Storegga shelf on the seabed off the coast of Norway. Evidence for this has been found along the eastern coast of Scotland in large deposits of sand and detritus.

Geological Instant

At ... we have an interesting headline - Chinese led team (from the Chinese Academy of Sciences) shows mass extinction happened in a geological instant. Of course, what they mean by a geological instant is nothing like the real meaning of that word. They are claiming the end of Permian mass extinction event took place between 30,000 years ago and a few thousand years ago (leaving an option open for an even smaller instant in time). The end of Permian event took place around 250 million years ago.