Catastrophism news

Venus birth

At ... a new theory on the birth of Venus as a comet embraced by the pull of Jupiter into the inner solar system. The author transfers these ideas to Stonehenge in a novel manner, and his theory is that a newly arrived Venus comet was the object of interest of ancient societies, and archaeoastronomy. It involved a certain amount of fear and awe in order to maintain observation on a regular basis etc. The bibliography suggests he is up to date in research.

flood events

Tim Cullen has turned his attention to mega flooding events. He is always worth a read - go to

Antarctic Ice

Climate scientists have tended to studiously ignore ice mass and sea ice growth around Antarctica as a whole while at the same time screaming blue murder that the West Antarctic peninsular is losing ice. This is the small piece of Antarctica that sticks up into the Southern Ocean towards S America and is forever subject to periodic exposure to warm ocean currents migrating from the Pacific through the Indian towards the Atlantic oceans - some of which re-enters the Pacific via the Magellan Straits.

Velikovsky, Amnesia

At /mankind-without-amnesia/ ... an interesting piece on Amnesia and past events which of course involves Velikovsky and others - including Jung, Freud, Durkheim and Howorth. In the comments section Andrew Fitts of Toronto has posted a video of Irving Wolfe filmed in Australia by Wal Thornhill, in which he discusses amnesia and the arts. Excellent and well worth viewing - go to

a white water melt

At ... an unusual geological landform in Wabash River Valley in southern Illinois has attracted attention. This is a scarp, or cliff edge running 10 to 20 feet in height and proceeds in a straight line for six miles. The scarp runs perfectly parallel with a fault line one mile to the west and it has always been assumed the two features were related. What geologists found instead was no relationship whatsoever - which caused them to think things through again.

Neil Adams

Tim Cullen at ... has posted, so far, some seven videos made by Neil Adams on the Expanding Universe theory. Have a look at them as they might cause you to think a bit. One problem with Catastrophism is that it seems to involve pole movement or less radical changes at the axis of rotation.

J Harlen Bretz

I've been reading Graham Hancock's latest book, 'Magicians of the Gods' which is an update on his successful 'Fingerprints of the Gods' which was very popular some years ago. It is on loan from Laurence Dixon and due back in January and hopefully Laurence will come up with a nice review to go into one of our journals.

religious peaks and troughs

Alfred de Grazia, in his book 'The Divine Succession' made a connection between catastrophic events, and peaks and troughs in religious experiences. We live in a pretty stable world as far as nature is concerned, with little activity in the cosmic zone, and religion in general is pretty quiescent.

we now know ...

At ... we have an article with the sub-title - 'scientists now know why the climate underwent dramatic changes at the end of the last Ice Age' which must be one way of embarrassing yourself a little later as science is never as settled as that bold claim might suggest. The sub-title caught my eye - and I read more and discovered they have been using computer simulations and have added in some new factors and come up with a different conclusion from the consensus (up until now).

ancient origins

This is a reference to a web site that will interest some readers - ... it covers such things as human origins, myth, strange artifacts, history and the unexplained, a bit like SIS, but different. It also has a list of books as recommended to purchase, beg, or to borrow.