Catastrophism news

Hawaii coral reef

At ... did rapid sea level change drown fossil coral reefs around Hawaii? Recent discoveries suggest there have been episodes of very rapid sea level rise as a result of ice sheet collapse at the end of the Ice Age. This change in sea level was associated with the drowning of coral reefs in Hawaii.


This link has been sent in by both William and Gary. At ... a paper published in the journal Earth and Planetary Science Letters claims that an impact crater in Canada produced the highest temperatures ever recorded on the planet;s surface. There is of course a lot of hype in that headline as this is the only instance energy produced heat has been measured in such a way - and other craters may yield temperature gradients just as high. The reference is to a lake crater inLabrador, 28 km across. It is dated 38 million years ago.

Planet Amnesia

At ... begins by saying, those of use who followed the work of Velikovsky know that as a Freudian psychoanalyst he had a life long interest in a curious human pathology - what was originally called collective amnesia. In 1974 this morphed into cultural amnesia - 'Recollections of a Fallen Sky: Velikovsky and Cultural Amnesia'.

Banded Iron

Gary sent in this link, ... banded iron consists of alternating layers of silica and iron rich bands ...

Phil Silvia

At ... we learn that Phil Silvia, along with Younder Dryas scientists Malcolm Le Compte, have collated field data from Tall al-Hammam, the proposed site of Biblical Sodom (destroyed by fire and brimstone by an avenging angel). The hypothesis is that it was an airburst event - a meteor exploding low in the atmosphere above the Kikkar Plain on the northern side of the Dead Sea.

Bretz and Younger Dryas

Graham Hancock has somehow contrived to associate J Harlen Bretz and the megaflood with the Younger Dryas Boundary Event. He is a former journalist and I suppose sleight of hand is a tool of the trade. He presents his ideas in a non-science language that some people find attractive. His books have sold a lot of copies.

One Half Of

Bill Napier, one half of Clube and Napier, is on the Tusk - see ... with a letter he wrote as a result of a podcast between Graham Hancock and Randall Carson on one side and two mainstream scientists on the other side, Marc Defant and Michael Shermer. The Tusk has the podcast in full - in a video to view.

8000ka (again)

At ... sediment cores from Pine Island Bay in West Antarctica were collected by the British Antarctic Survey and an international team of scientists that used the German research vessel RV Polarstern. The findings are interesting as it has shown wind driven incursions of warm water forced the retreat of glaciers in the peninsular over the last 11,000 years. One has to take that statement at face value. Was it wind driven - or current driven? Or both.

Collapsing Ice Sheet

At ... scientists have constructed 'in detail' the collapse of the Euroasian ice sheet at the end of the Late Glacial Maximum and it final moments involved the flooding of the English Channel 10,000 years ago. We are told the ice sheet was massive, stretching from the tip of SW Britain to Franz Josef Land in the Siberian Arctic. We are also told it lowered global sea levels by 20m. As it melted, and collapsed, it caused severe flooding across Europe - and a dramatic rise in sea levels.

California 8200 years ago

At 8200 years ago there were massive changes in sea levels around the world, submerging huge parts of Sunda Land (leaving behind the islands of Indonesia, as well as the drowning of the North Sea basin, widening of the English Channel and the creation of the Solent, and conversely, lower sea levels in South America. The effects of all this is somewhat muted in California - but the study of speleotherms in caves has revealed a 150 year period of wet and stormy weather. The balmy climate of modern California was absent in the wake of an event dated at 6200BC (in old money).