Catastrophism news

Space rocks on the Moon

At ... a quarter of the Moon's impact craters may retain substantial remnants of the asteroids and meteors that made them. In other words, when scientists claim to be looking at moon rocks - are they? The composition of the Moon has been deduced from Moon rocks brought back by expeditions - manned and unmanned. The problem is some of those moon rocks come from impact craters and could well belong to asteroids and rocks winging their way around the solar system.

Younger Dryas Update May 2013

At ... a new paper published in PNAS - George says it is the best yet. This time impact is discarded in favour of multiple airbursts by a disintegrating comet or space rock. The thrust of the article is a riposte to criticism of their methodology so they have gone back to the laboratory in order to stress the point it is all above board. They have collated an assemblage of what they say is impact related proxies - such as microspherules, nanodiamonds, and iridium.

The comets of gods

Dr Jeffrey Goodman, The Comets of Gods (available from Amazon in ebook form (for Kindle) but provides a list of sellers (hard copy). This is an attempt to mold catastrophism, from a Biblical perspective, with some parts of science (comets and space rocks etc). It is mooted that God (in the Bible) used objects from space to carry out his bidding.

Younger Dryas - species survival

At there is a link to a paper in Current Research in the Pleistocene, 28 (2011), Redmond and Tankersley, 'Species Response to the Theorised Clovis Comet Impact at Sheridan Cave, Ohio' say that of 63 flora and faunal taxa recovered from the boundary layer 52 species of amphibians, plants, fish, mammals and reptiles were unaffected by the Clovis come and still thrive in the immediate vicinity of the cave.

Toba Super Volcano

At last the Toba super volcano catastrophe idea has been squelched - see

Ancient Lead Levels

At ... a lake in Iberia, in the Sierra Nevada, over 3000m above sea level, has revealed evidence of atmospheric polution around 2000BC. The researchers have blamed the polution on humans as they also seem to have found high lead levels in the Roman period. They are saying that metal smiths in the Early Bronze Age were responsible, on the assumption a great deal of bronze making was going on in Spain and Portugal.

Why did European DNA change 4000 plus years ago?

Is this a bit of Daily Wail fluff or a piece of spin on a string - or is there something important to be learned - see ... and the clue might actually be in the addition of Stonehenge - sure to scratch some heads. However, the same story pops up at ...

End Times

It seems that it is not just Christian millenarianism that is expecting the end of the world is nigh, but some Islamics think we are also in the End Times. A new book available from Amazon and produced by D'Aleman Publishing is available on Amazon in a paperback version with a content that involves comets, asteroids, millenarianism, and an Islamic angle that is not appreciated in the West. See Adam to Apophis: asteroids, millenarianism and climate change, Nicholalas Costa and Nema McMorran

Marie-Agnes Courty and Eric Coqueugniot

Another important paper put online by George Howard at ... which I will probably get back to later as far as commenting is concerned. Basically, she has moved on from the end of Akkad catastrophe and is now looking at evidence of airbursts in the Pre-pottery Neolithic Period (Syria), the Pre-Halaf and the Early Bronze Age, at the site of Da'de.

Notes on Sekhmet

Gary Gilligan sent in some further information about the goddess Sekhmet - who embodied the 'flaming' sky and 'flame of heaven' (see also his web site and the various images of Sekhmet at