Climate change news

an environmentalist on the climate scam

At ... a marine biologist and environmentalist disagrees with the Green Blob - see also ..... which is lifted from Quadrant. An interesting perspective, not unlike that of the sceptics - but destined, I would think, for oblivion, drowned out by the media and the politicos who are convinced they have a holy like crusade to keep down temperatures.

Plants fox co2 researchers

Several stories on the recent finding that plants suck up lots of co2 and when the crops are grown and then cut a lot of co2 is exhaled. However, CAGW is never as simple as it really should be as climate scientists have been searching for a fair number of years now for the missing heat. Is it in the clouds, in the oceans, or have plants been feeding on it - like a tonic. See for example ... and

Clouds and Climate Models

A new paper by John McLean of the James Cook University (Australia), a professor of physics, has appeared in the open access journal Atmospheric and Climate Sciences - see

Geography and Climate Change

at ... which is a review of a book written by some bigwigs in the Climate Change community and a geography teacher is left stunned by what he read. The book has the title, 'The Collapse of Western Civilisation' and is a quite an astonishing work to be sponsored by academia - but we live in strange times. I don't need to say anything - the reviewer says it all.

The Sun and Volcanoes

Currently, in 2014, there are active volcanoes in Iceland, Japan. Hawaii, Indonesia and Mexico. In addition the search for the lost Malaysian airliner has revealed new volcanoes on the floor of the Indian Ocean. Dr Robin Wylie of University College in London broaches on the subject at His argument seems to revolve around small changes in the the speed of rotation or the pull of the Sun and the Moon which create stress in the crust of the Earth.

The magnetic and solar link between wind and ocean currents

At ... is a post by another retired scientist that has upset the Green Blob on a number of occasions, Tim Ball of Canada. He says that a couple of decades ago, in his prime, he had predicted water resources would become an issue, and magnetism in science would be another focus of interest - and this has come to pass. Both are emerging after a long period of being buried beneath the hype of global warming (aka climate change).

one arm of mainstream might be waking up

It seems that some scattered sections of mainstream media is just about waking up to the scale of the money awash in the great global warming scare - and they have only tickled around at the tip of the scam. There is plenty more to emerge when journalists venture deeper into the morass - go to and the same story is discussed at ...

Karakorum glaciers

At ... a computer simulation has been used to try and explain why glaciers in the Karakorum are not melting - the paper can be viewed at  Nature Geoscience (Oct 2014). However, it begins with a casual throw away line, 'as most everyone knows by now, the planet is warming, and because of that glaciers across the globe are melting '''... which is a complete untruth.

Dust Bowl, Miocene oddity

At ... the discussion here is the dust bowl of the 1930s - a period where temperatures matched those of the 1990s. It was essentially a prolonged period of dry weather in a particular part of N America. The question is - are there any similarities with modern weather patterns?