Climate change news

A Funny Few Days in late October

Its been a funny few days with credibility eating into the Green Blob. For example, at ... we learn that Baroness Verma, erstwhile government minister being fed disinformation by DECC, actually claimed government measures to reduce carbon measures were responsible, in part, for the global warming hiatus over the last several years. During the week our Prime Minister apparently blew a fuse over a £1.7 billion bill he claimed the EU had thrust upon him.

one arm of mainstream might be waking up

It seems that some scattered sections of mainstream media is just about waking up to the scale of the money awash in the great global warming scare - and they have only tickled around at the tip of the scam. There is plenty more to emerge when journalists venture deeper into the morass - go to and the same story is discussed at ...

Karakorum glaciers

At ... a computer simulation has been used to try and explain why glaciers in the Karakorum are not melting - the paper can be viewed at  Nature Geoscience (Oct 2014). However, it begins with a casual throw away line, 'as most everyone knows by now, the planet is warming, and because of that glaciers across the globe are melting '''... which is a complete untruth.

Dust Bowl, Miocene oddity

At ... the discussion here is the dust bowl of the 1930s - a period where temperatures matched those of the 1990s. It was essentially a prolonged period of dry weather in a particular part of N America. The question is - are there any similarities with modern weather patterns?

co2 bubbles in the ocean

Anthony Watts adds the thought - one wonders how many of these newly found thousands of volcanic sea mounts are producing co2 that bubbles into the ocean (see earlier post on Sea Mounts). EM Smith suggests he might want to take a look at ... which is all about a liquid co2 lake discovered on the ocean bottom, one of many we might suppose. These are caused by white smokers that release compounds of barium, calcium, and silicon. They also produce biblical amounts of liquid co2. No wonder the oceans are not acidic.

Ozone scare being revived

At ... the attempt to keep the CAGW bandwagon rolling is changing tack as we approach this year's Climate Summit in New York, the annual bean feast which sees the draining of lots of wine bottles and the talking themselves senseless. They are under pressure as the world has stopped warming and the cat is out of the bag. Hence, the latest wheeze.

John Daly

At ... Australian John Izzard looked back on the world's first blogger to get serious about the global warming scam. John Daly was born in Bournemouth and served in the merchant navy as a radio operator - and later migrated to Australia for a better life. Like Peter Warlow of SIS he was totally unimpressed by the Greenhouse Theory. At ...

Contrasts in Climate Science points of view

At ... a new paper by Ross McKitrick of the University of Guelph in Canada, claims there has been no warming of the lower troposphere for the last 26 years (the length of the satellite record). It is, of course, a computer simulation of data, a statistical exercise if you like, but contradicts almost everything that alarmists have been squawking about over the same time period.

Jenny and the Bourke

Jennifer Marohasy appears to be on full song and has informed her email subscribers of more stations in distress status, in Australia. These have had their early hand written temperatures altered by the homogenisation process, a computer algorithm that kicks in each month. At Bourke, in January of 1909, the highest temperature in Australia was recorded (remembering that the Australian state is very recent), at 51.7 degrees celsius. However, historical records are being changed by the homogenisation process, and not only that, lots of the old temperature data has simply been ditched.