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two extremes, it seems

At ... we are told that for the last 1800 years there has been, on average, a global cooling that has only been halted by modern global warming. The error of that statement is obvious. Within the average over the last 1800 years there were periods of warming within the cooling events - so is it an article of faith to say that current warming is any different than past warming events. The proof of the pudding will emerge over the course of time.

2015 warmest ever

At ... we get to understand why NOAA, NASA GISS and HadCRU have been tampering with the temperature data by changing the way they do things and by manipulating the numbers by making older weather records colder in order to produce an upward graph where recent weather records are warmer - in order to keep the weather spike going in one direction, the direction they want it to go (upwards). It is all about the upcoming Paris Conference.

Mark Steyn

The controversial Toronto political commentator Mark Steyn has written part one of a new book, 'A Disgrace to the Profession' - and if you like your science and your politics strident this is the book to read as it is mostly a collection of quotes from scientists about a certain other scientist and his cohorts (in the CAGW business). Apparently it is shooting up the best seller lists and it is not due out until the first week in September.

sun spot numbering

At .... a few weeks ago we learnt that solar scientists had changed the way they recorded sun spot number and there was some speculation on why this was happening - or why it was happening in the weeks leading up to the Paris conference on climate change (where a binding agreement on emissions targets is the ambitious aim). Solar physicist Leif Svalgaard assured readers at WattsUp that it was all above board and the idea was to bring the methodology involved in counting sun spot numbers was uniform as in the past it was all a bit hit and miss.

simple sums

At ... the four authors of a controversial study from January 2015 that was published in the Science Bulletin of the Chinese Academy of Sciences presented a simple climate model that anyone with a pocket calculator can use to make reliable estimates of future man made global warming. Why Joe Public might want to do that I don't know - but the pathway is there for those interested in playing around with numbers and things.

solar cycles and CAGW

At ... Joe Bastardi is an American meteorologist that has resisted CAGW alarmism in spite of constant badgering by activists. When he says stay calm we should all take a breath and listen to what he has to say. He uses NCEP (which is part of NOAA) temperature data for his forecasts and he says NCEP are head on real time measurements.


As we approach the Paris climate change summit it is worth going back to the Copenhagen summit of a few years ago. This was a laugh a minute charade as somebody upstairs down loaded lots of the white global warming stuff on Copenhagen during the summit. Then the US team were caught in a blizzard over Washington on the way back. What lies in store for them this year?

Conversation in a huff

The Conversation, a US politic rag that is a bit self righteous and 'right on' has apparently had a hissy fit. At ... we learn that one of its correspondents is not happy and is in denial that a sun spot minimum may cause lower global temperatures. He also claims that as we have so much more co2 in the atmosphere than we had back in the 17th century it is false reasoning to think a new Maunder Minimum necessarily means a return to a Mini Ice Age scenario.

warming the data

At ... is an interesting post by Bob Tisdale, a specialist on ENSO events (and well clued up). He has looked at US data that has recently got a lot warmer (recently) and a lot cooler (50 to 100 years ago) simply by adjusting the data sets, or switching to a different data set (and splicing the two). This is all quite blatant and the purpose appears to have a political slant. The ambition of the present administration is  to go out with something memorable under their belts.

Wal's climate page

At ... for anyone who might like the idea the Sun drives climate on the Earth this is a read you might enjoy - especially if you understand what the Electric Universe is all about. Too much information to put in a  small post.

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