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How old are the Niagara Falls

In Earth in Upheaval , page 139-141, Velikovsky says, that Lake Agassiz, a large glacial lake that once covered the region at present occupied by Lake Winnepeg, Lake Manitoba, and a number of other lakes in Canada as well as part of the North Central States to the south, was formed when the ice sheet melted buts its sediment indicates it had a life of less than a thousand years - before dissipating (presumably by rivers).

Coast to Coast

Now anyone can listen to a transcript of the Wal Thornhill and Dave Talbot radio talk on Coast to Coast by simply going to ... in it Wal Thornhill claims Venus was a comet that settled into a stable orbit - an extension of Velikovsky, and gravity is an electrical force between neutral atoms. Dave Talbot is in the same Velikovskian frame as he says Venus was the great doomsday comet depicted in early cultures (this is from a blurb at the radio station) ... and all this took place ten to twelve thousand years ago.

Bad Archaeology and Velikovsky is apparently the brainchild of a couple of youngish archaeologists not long out of classes and fresh with all the group-think stuff they have learnt. They appear to feel obliged to comment on what they consider as 'bad archaeology' and 'bad history' and 'pseudo-science'in general. Lots of people come under their microscope - and the usual suspects include Velikovsky (and those they see as inspired by Velikovsky - such as David Rohl and Peter James).

On the Perils and Pleasures of Confronting Pseudohistory

In the journal Historically Speaking, Ronald H. Fritze writes:

"The controversy surrounding the ideas of Immanuel