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Archetypes Showing The Presence of Anomalous Electromagnetic Activity

Charles Raspil

Delivered at the SIS Silver Jubilee Conference, Friday 17th – Sunday 19th September 1999

June 1999

(Pre-presentation draft, 090999)

In my paper entitled Snapshots of The Gods which appeared in “Chronology and Catastrophism Review” (1), I suggested that certain forms that were recorded in art and myth actually were seen in the sky. In that article I showed many of these forms and suggested that their appearance implied the presence of unusual amounts of electromagnetic forces near to the earth. In this presentation, I’ll concentrate on one particular configuration. But first some background.

In my article I noted that concentrations of plasma may occasionally erupt from the terrestrial magnetotail, eruptions seemingly occurring during periods of excess solar activity. These eruptions produce bundles of plasma or plasmoids that are nested into their own magnetic fields. Cyril Marystone in his The Origins of Comets in Planet Magnetotail (2) has suggested that in the past these plasmoids appeared in the earth’s proximity and were observed and then described as comets or blazing stars. By their relatively short duration and close proximity to the earth, these plasmoids are not like long-period comets such as Halley’s, though they may take shapes of somewhat similar aspect with hairy appendages or tails. Moreover, unlike your classic long-period comet, because of their proximity and energy, these plasmoids may not be totally benign.

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  2. Cyril Marystone, The Origin of Comets in Planet Magnetotails, 1983, Private Publication
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