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1980: Aspects of Catastrophism (public meeting)

26 Apr 1980 Meeting/Talk

A public meeting organised by S.I.S. and entitled “Aspects of Catastrophism”, was held on Saturday 26th, April at the premises of the University of London.

  • John Dayton, author of Minerals, Metals, Glazing and Man, gave a wide-ranging talk on the ‘Chronological Gaps in the Technology of Glazing’ and detailed the discrepancies between the accepted chronology and his findings in the field, based on his own analysis of the materials concerned.
  • Peter Warlow elucidated his theory of earth reversals with the aid of a film made by Border Television and some “Meccano” models, and must surely have evoked many a silent “Yes, yes, now I see” from his listeners.
  • Dr. Earl Milton, in a tribute to the late Dr. C. E. R. Bruce and the late Ralph Juergens entertained us with ideas of “Electric Stars in a Gravity-less Cosmos” and offered convincing arguments for doubting whether gravity is a separate force.
  • Prof. Alfred de Grazia, who has increased his six absolutes for testing a 1500 B.C. catastrophe as advertised, to ten, and in those ten areas set out specific objections to the accepted chronology. He also introduced us to a new word for catastrophic evolution – quantavolution – evolution proceeding by sudden jumps.
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