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1981 – Catastrophism, Old and New (public meeting)

6 Jun 1981 Meeting/Talk

“Catastrophism, Old and New”, was the title of a public meeting of the Society held at the Library Association, 7 Ridgmount Street, London on June 6th.

  • Peter Warlow was the first speaker and his talk, given under the title “Astronomical Theories and Ice Ages”, reviewed the traditional explanations for the Ice Ages and their inadequacies.
  • Peter James, the second speaker, chose the title “Plato’s Atlantis and Prehistoric Europe” for his talk. After reviewing the work of Plato in his CRITIAS and TIMAEUS which constitutes the main source of the “Atlantis myth”, and subsequently the work of Ignatius Donnelly whose book, ATLANTIS, THE ANTEDILUVIAN WORLD is the basic text book on the subject.

A summary of the talks can be found in SIS Workshop Vol 4 No 1 (Jul 1981)

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