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1988 – Annual General Meeting

1 Apr 1988 Meeting/Talk

Date to be confirmed (Sometime between Jan-Apr 1988). Harlequin Theatre at Redhill.

  • Eric Crew: “Erratic Events in the Solar System”. He a detailed account of his computer work which aimed to show that a large body (which he called “Cosbod”), if ejected in a charged condition from Jupiter several thousand years ago, could attain a circular orbit after spiralling in towards the Sun.
  • Wal Thornhill gave a detailed and fascinating introduction to the structure of meteorites. These pieces of space debris are avidly analyzed by astronomers seeking to build up a picture of the formation of the Universe and the early Solar System. Wal showed us, however, that on an overwhelming number of points the chondritic meteorites do not fit in with current ideas of the formation of the Solar System.
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