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2015 Spring Meeting & AGM

24 Apr 2015 Meeting/Talk
  • Bob Johnson: ‘The Variability of the Sun and the Effects on Earth’
  • Piers Corbyn : ‘Where is the weather going ? What does and does not cause climate change?’

Morning AGM and lunch is for members only.

Watford Quaker Meeting House,150 Church Road, Watford WD17 4QB (map).

13:30 Bob Johnson: The variability of the Sun and the effects on EarthBob Johnson

Bob discusses the variability of the Sun and stars of a similar type. He looks at the Solar Wind-Magnetosphere Coupling mechanism by which events on the Sun directly influence the Earth’s magnetopause, ionosphere and lower atmosphere.

Text and slides available to read here.    High quality version here.

Also viewable on Youtube, under the title “Our Variable Sun and Climate Change”.



14:40 Piers Corbyn: Where is the weather going ? What does and does not cause climate change?

YouTube video Piers Corbyn TV interview

Piers will discuss the solar electromagnetic influence on Earth weather and climate, and how it is possible to make long range forecasts of weather and climate change based on solar activity and lunar modulation. He will conclude that the theory of Manmade CO2-based Climate Change is invalid.

Earlier presentation from EU 2014.

BBC discussion Dec 2015

New video will be on YouTube under “Where is the Weather going?”

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