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2017 Autumn Meeting

6 Oct 2017 Meeting/Talk

Autumn Meeting 11:00 – 4:15pm

  • 11:00 Bob Johnson       – The Sun’s Electrical Activity
  • 12:00 Rupert Holmes   – The Star Core – Zeus
  • 1:50 Adrian Gilbert   –   The Stone of Scone
  • 3:20 Bob Porter     –    The Archaeology of the Exodus

11:00 Bob Johnson, “The Source of the Sun’s Electrical Activity”.

Bob reviews the various models that have been proposed to explain C. E. R. Bruce’s observation that “the Sun’s photosphere has the appearance, temperature and spectrum of multiple electric arc discharges”, and discusses those models in the light of modern findings.

Is the Electric SUn model dead?




Solar movie 1

Sunspot movie 1 , Sunspot movie 2


12:00 Rupert Holmes   – The Star Core – Zeus

Rupert Holms introduces the heart of his trilogy book series – the wandering binary partner of our Sun. He has researched ancient historical references to massive disasters witnessed by man. Their cyclic nature pointed him to an barely visible, extreme orbiting body.

Star Core ZeusRupert Holms




Video of talk



1:50 Adrian Gilbert, “The Stone of Scone”. The Stone of Destiny, otherwise known as ‘Jacob’s Pillow’, ‘Lia Fail’, ‘The Pharaoh’s Stone’ and ‘The Stone of Scone’ is the Foundation Stone of the British Monarchy and even today is used as a Coronation Stone, the last time being in 1953. Adrian traces its history and evidence that links it with Egypt, the Pyramids and even Orion.

Secrets of the Stone of DestinyAdrian Gilbert




Video of Talk




3:20 Bob Porter, “Moses, Joshua and Judges in the Ancient History and Archaeology of the Middle East”.

The talk is baBob Portersed on the series of articles by Bob looking at the archaeology of the late Early Bronze Age to the early Late Bronze Age. 



Video of talk , YouTube


Watford Quaker Meeting House,150 Church Road, Watford WD17 4QB (map). Nearest airport: Luton Airport (map)

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