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2018 Spring Meeting

27 Apr 2018 Meeting/Talk

28th April 2018. Afternoon Spring Meeting 1:30 – 4:15pm

  • Rupert Holms: “Star Core Zeus, Pangaea and the formation of the Moon”.
  • Barry Curnock, “After Kadesh, the Next Generation”.
  • Farewell tribute to Anthony Haynes.
  • Rupert Holms: “Star Core Zeus, Pangaea and the formation of the Moon”.

The talk is based on his book, and proposes that the Sun is part of a binary system with ‘star-core Zeus’, and that a close encounter of earth with the Sun’s partner created Pangaea and the Moon

Catalysms and RenewalsRupert Homs


Video of Talk








  • Barry Curnock: “After Kadesh, the Next Generation”.

Barry Curnock scrutinises the evidence for Veliokovsky’s extraordinary removal of nearly 700 years from ancient history. His exhaustive research previously formed part of a Forum discussion in Review about the Battle of Kadesh and the years immediately after the Battle. Barry’s talk examines Hittite, Egyptian and Babylonian history half a century later to discover if it all ties together.

Barry Curnock



Video of Talk






Chairman Tony Haynes sadly died in March this year. He had nearly completed his first year in office. He was a keen member of SIS for many years. He spoke on ‘Energy Innovations’ in Spring 2012 and again on ‘Worlds in Collision the Exodus Event’ in 2015. We append a tribute video below.

Anthony Haynes

  • Watford Quaker Meeting House,150 Church Road, Watford WD17 4QB (map). Nearest airport: Luton Airport (map)
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