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2022 Autumn Meeting

1 Oct 2022 Meeting/Talk

Quaker Meeting House, 150 Church Road, Watford, WD17 4QB, Hertfordshire, UK (map)

Bob Porter: ‘Relating Syria to Assyria in the Late Bronze Age’. In the LBA, Egypt has approximate archaeological links to the Levant including Western Syria. Eastern Syria (east of the Euphrates) has links to Assyria. Are there archaeological links to bridge the Euphrates or do we only have the Amarna letters? We will consider the widespread type of pottery called Nuzi ware, Tell Shiukh Fawqani, a site on the Euphrates where Syrian and Assyrian pottery meet, and Dur Katlimu, an Assyrian site where Assyrian cuneiform tablets and Egyptian seal styles meet. Some of this evidence seems contradictory.

Bob’s talk on YouTube




12:15 to 1:15 ‒ Lunch.


Barry Curnock: ‘Suppiluliuma and Taharka’. This will complete the series of talks, which re-date the Hittite New Kingdom into the 8th-6th centuries BC, following on from Velikovsky’s argument that the Battle of Kadesh was the same as the Battle of Carchemish of 605 BC. This talk will examine the other Hittite correlation from Velikovsky’s ‘Ramses II and His Time’, that the Hittite King Suppiluliuma I was a contemporary of the Egyptian pharaoh Taharka.

Statue of Suppiluliuma
Statue of Suppiluliuma.
Image credit
Barry Curnock (Oct2022)
Barry Curnock





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