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2022 Spring Meeting and AGM

4 Jun 2022 Meeting/Talk

SIS Annual General Meeting and Afternoon Spring Meeting

Rupert Holms: ‘Star Core Zeus: 2022 Update’

Tim Hooker: ‘Solar Wind & Weather’

  • 11:00 am – AGM.
  • Nominated and standing for election:
    • Treasurer: Phillip Clapham
    • Auditor: David Roth
    • Council:
      Laurence Dixon, Chris Phillips, Ian Tresman, Trevor Palmer, Peter Fairlie-Clarke, David Fairbairn and Michael Caplan.

Afternoon Spring Meeting 1:30 – 4:15pm

Rupert Holms: ‘Star Core Zeus: 2022 Update’. This will cover latest developments relevant to the theory that the sun is part of a binary system with ‘star-core Zeus’. This will include new developments in Kuiper belt anomalies, (the search zones for planet-9 and Zeus are actually very close together in the sky and on either side of Orion), new evidence for hot Venus which is nothing to do with runaway greenhouse heating, and new observations from space telescopes.

Rupert Holms



YouTube video

Tim Hooker: ‘Solar Wind & Weather’. For every heat source with which we are familiar, the surrounding temperature reduces as you move further away from the source. How then can we account for the temperature of the Sun’s corona increasing as it radiates away from the Sun? To answer this question, we have to understand the electrical properties of the Sun’s turbulent plasma atmosphere and the electrically charged solar wind that it radiates throughout the solar system. Do we need to be more concerned about the electrical impact that the solar wind has on the Earth’s atmosphere?

Tim Hooker



YouTube video


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