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Megalithic Builders and Neolithic Catastrophes

22 Oct 2005 Meeting/Talk

Autumn Meeting held in the Tanners Room at The Harlequin Theatre, Warwick Quadrant, Redhill, Surrey. Members Autumn Meeting.

  • Paul Dunbavin – Catastrophism and Neolithic Britain (Pole and rotational shift of the Earth – focusing on British monuments and a Neolithic ‘event’ )
  • Christopher Knight – Civilisation One (Construction of the megaliths by an earlier advanced civilisation than our own)
  • Frank Wallace – North American Earthworks and European Megaliths as Codifiers of the Last Glacial Maximum (Evidence that the last glacial advance of the ‘ice age’ had a celestial origin and were much closer to the present that conventionally thought)

Doors open at 10.30am and close at 5.00pm.

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