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Presenting the Past (Public Meeting)

19 Mar 1977 Meeting/Talk

The first public meeting of the Society was held in the Rupert Beckett Lecture Theatre of the University of Leeds on March 19th, taking as its theme the wide-ranging subject Velikovsky and History.


  • DR HUGO MEYNELL, Department of Philosophy and Theology, University of Leeds: The Velikovsky Phenomenon and the Layman.
  • DR EUAN MACKIE, Assistant Keeper, Hunterian Museum, University of Glasgow: The Evidence of Radiocarbon Dates.
  • PETER JAMES, B.A. Mesopotamian Studies, University of Birmingham,and winner of John Humphries Memorial Prize in Archaeology: Velikovsky’s Revised Chronology.
  • DR JOHN J. BIMSON, Department of Biblical Studies, University of Sheffield: Bondage, Exodus and Conquest in the Revised Chronology.

A summary of the meeting can be found in SIS Review Vol 1 No 5 (Summer 1977).


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