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SIS Internet Digest 1996 Number 1


About the SIS; How to Join

Introduction, What’s on the Internet
Catastrophism Archive Project, A Plea

World Wide Web focus

Web Words and phrases
How to read a Web address
Egyptology Home Page
Perseus Project Home Page
Akkadian language
Cosmos and Chronos Home Page
Govardhan Hill Publishing
The Journal of Scientific Exploration
Noncanonical Homepage
Mythtext: Mythology from All Over The World
Ancient World Web
American Journal of Archaeology
Duke Papyrus Archive
The Center for Archaeoastronomy
Annotated Bibliography for Catastrophism
Books by Jerry L. Ziegler
Kronia Communications
International Workshop Tunguska

UseNet newsgroup focus

How to read newsgroups messages
Newsgroups: alt.archaeology
Why is Velikovsky in archeology?
Fingerprints of The Gods
Newsgroups: alt.catastrophism
Carl Sagan and Immanuel Velikovsky available.

Newsgroups: alt.mythology
10 bright sons of the east and the sun
Newsgroups: alt.sci.physics.new-theories
Could someone explain “Electrogravatics”
Newsgroups: alt.sci.planetary
Planetary Electrostatic Properties
How were ancient civilizations able to measure planetary motion?
Earth collision
Newsgroups: sci.archaeology
Rohl’s Theory
Newsgroups: sci.archaeology
The forgotten Velikovsky
Newsgroup: sci.astro
Solar Storms Linked to Disruptions on Earth
Newsgroups: talk.origins
Velikovsky like theory of gravity and magnetism
40Ar/39Ar Dating Anomalies
Velikovsky & Saturnists & the Gods
Frozen mammoths et al
Planetary Wanderings, a parable…


  • Spin and atmospheric tides of Venus
  • The rotation of Venus and its atmosphere
  • Why does the earth spin forward?

Getting on the Internet


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