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3 Year Display

13 May 2023
Astronomy, Catastrophism

William sent in the link to a catastrophist story at https://news.yahoo.com/astronomers-detect-largest-cosmic-explosion-103840130.html … astronomers detect the largest cosmic ‘explosion’ ever seen. The caveat is that telescopes of the modern kind are a very recent phenomenon. We don’t know how many may have gone before.

The explosion is described as ten times bright than any supernovae previously seen. It has also been visible for 3 years – much longer than your ordinary supernoa, which is here and gone in a couple of months. One theory advanced is that a vast cloud of gas was swallowed by a black hole – but this flies in the face of earlier black hole dynamics. where such antics are thought to be invisible. Cosmologists are not only developing new ideas on the digestive systems of black holes – but also on their relationship to supernova phenomena. There was nothing in scientific literature that could account for something as bright, we are told. It was, apparently, ‘outrageous’.

In Electric Universe theory, for what it is worth, it is a plasma pinch – which can produce enormous amounts of energy. Plasma is electrified gas. However, as long as the schoolboy crush on black holes continues one can only expect more outrageous gifts in the future.

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