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Comet Encke and a tail story

12 February 2010

RIA Novorosti July 26th 2009 … according to Russian scientists, in Moscow and St Petersburg, the Tunguska event was caused by cometary material that collided with the earth. The blast was caused by the earth passing through part of the tail of Comet Encke. This is the comet that Clube and Napier saw as a relic of their giant comet that entered the solar system in the Late Pleistocene period. The scientists claim the incredible power of the explosion can be explained by significant differences in the electric potentials – or the charge of Comet Encke and the Earth. No trace of a crater has ever been found, yet 2200 square km of taiga forest consisting of 80 million trees was destroyed. Explanations are getting more and more interesting. See www.thunderbolts.info for more information on the possibility of electric comets.

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