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Plasma and Fractal web sites

12 February 2010

www.plasmacosmology.net provides a brief history of the study and recognition of plasma in space – going back to Farady and Maxwell. When Kepler and Newton formulated their theories very little was known about electricity, hence their models rely on gravity and inertia. Mainstream theories have not changed too much from the basics and it is assumed space is electrically sterile. The site then goes on to look at the psychology of science – belief is known to have a profound affect on perception. Electricity in space is often interpreted by existing paradigms. Phil Plait, self proclaimed Bad Astronomer (with a blog of the same name, Bad Astronomy) is highly opinionated and equally critical of the Electric Universe model whose role in life, or one of them, is to deter people from considering the EU from an inquisitive angle. The Plasma site author claims Plait has been forced to admit, via recent discoveries, and they are coming thick and fast, that magnetism occurrs in space – but it is fiendishly complex, so much so that it’s a joke in astronomy (is that a joke as in laughing at something that is difficult to comprehend or joke as in taking the mickey?).

www.fractaluniverse.org a history of spirals and loops ranging in size from galaxies to atoms. The idea is that the universe has a pattern, populated by a heirarchy of similar shaped electrically powered spirals and loops which are, long lived, have angular momentum, a torroidal magnetic field. They are alternators/oscillators and emit electro-magnetic energy.

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