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The Science of Greenhouse Gases

14 February 2010

http://scienceofdoom.com is a blog about greenhouse gases, particularly C02. It is basically a series of long articles written by the blog author in response to lack of understanding on various web sites and blogs. In other words, he felt people were commenting on things they only understood in a general way and his articles are designed to educate – not lecture. As a result of that approach this blog is recommended – to everyone, alarmist or sceptic. So far he has produced 6 lengthy articles complete with diagrams and graphs to explain what he is saying. The subject is fairly complex and the author has the sole aim of putting ‘climate science’ into perspective.

Part One … short wave radiation from the Sun and long wave radiation from the Earth (reflective)

Part Two … the importance of the gases in the atmosphere

Part Three … radiative transfer equations

Part Four … band models (also mathematical equations) which match real absorption of C02 as a function of wavelength – widely used in climate models.

Part Five … C02. He asks if it is an insignificant trace gas? and concludes that water vapour has the larger effect

Part Six … trying to understand the greenhouse effect better he notes that shortwave radiation from the Sun passes through the atmosphere, including the greenhouse gases, as if they did not exist – yet energy radiated from the earth’s surface is absorbed and re-radiated by those same greenhouse gases – or are they? 

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