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Bronze Age boats in the Atlantic

17 February 2010

www.telegraph.co.uk/earth/environment/archaeology/7228108/Bronze-age-ship.html Daily Telegraph, February 13th … a trading vessel carrying a cargo of tin and copper ingots was found on the sea bed off the coast of Devon – and dates back to the Late Bronze Age, around 900BC. Copper and tin was used to make bronze used for weapons, tools, jewellery, ornaments and ornamentation. The copper is thought to have originated in Iberia and the tin may also have come from that part of the world, which indicates sea routes were being used extensively in a trade that probably included human and animal cargoes as well. The boat was 40 feet in length and 6 feet wide, constructed of a wooden frame covered in hide, or by the use of wooden planks. The remains have rotted away. It would have been powered by oars and may have stuck to the coastline.

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