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19 February 2010
Climate change

www.climategate.com/czechgate-climate-scientists-dump-worlds-second-oldest-record.html John O’Sullivan says a sceptic blogger known as Chiefio – who is in fact computer specialist EM Smith (see earlier posts) claims the Global Historical Climatology Network has cynically dumped the world’s second oldest and reliable climate record at Prague for no obvious scientific reason. Censuring the Czech raw data was perpetrated by climate scientists because the record from Prague proves there has been no warming in Europe for 200 years (average temperatures). They also found the date records a warm period at Prague in the 1940s – but the process of homogenisation has dulled this (new data replacing the earlier data series which goes all the way back to 1775). On average temperature has increased a very small amount (according to the raw data), an unremarkable 0.25 degrees Celsius – per century. The Prague data correlates quite well with the world’s oldest data at the Central England Temperature Record that has been collecting data over 351 years. It also indicates minimal warming which is why it is usually ignored by climate scientists. All this once again suggests that it is only homogenised data produced artificially by climatologists with an end result in their sightline before commencing their research that is actually showing any global warming – and this is produced in laboratories and on (super) computers which are consistently regurgitating ‘evidence’ for AGW. It seems it may not exist in any real shape or form – unless the starting date of forecasts are set at low cooling points in the climate data (such as the 1880s, the 1960s etc).

Todd Stern, US special envoy for climate change accused vested interests of exploiting recent scientific scandals (see www.physorg.com 17th February). People with an agenda, he says, are undermining action on AGW and he downplayed Climategate and other recent mistakes claiming the observed data from all over the world shows there is a serious problem.

www.physorg.com on the same day also had a piece on research in Spain that shows the press exagerated the threat of forest fires and drought and in fact floodings were a much more frequent and caused more damage – but water in Spain is not exactly global warming. Its supposed to get drier and hotter and burn up more easily.

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