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Further on Tutankhamun DNA

22 February 2010
Ancient history

http://pling.livejournal.com February 19th and http://news.discovery.com February 18th … an overview of what has been found and what is the official position with some sceptical comments from the University of Zurich, University of Pisa and University of York. The DNA suggests Tutankhamun was the son of a mummy found in KV55 and it is assumed this was Akhenaten, and likewise his mother was another mummy (also unidentified in a positive manner). The official mode of death is also open to some doubt. Ashraf Selim of Caairo University agrees with the prognosis as espoused by Zahi Hawass at a press conference but did not rule out other contributary factors such as the fracture in his thigh bone caused septiceania (a blood infection).

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