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Velikovsky Revisited, Eric Aitchison

27 February 2010
Ancient history

This is a newsflash to let members know that Eric Aitchison, who has published a number of articles in SIS journals, has an E Book which is available via Mikamar (see http://mikamar.biz/thunderbolts-product.htm  ) and can be downloaded on your computer. The title is Velikovsky Revisited, a long and in-depth study that is basically his way to reconcile the conventional model of ancient history with the Ages in Chaos series of Velikovsky. This e-book makes a number of arguments that strongly refute some of Velikovsky’s famous synchronisms – in fact, quite a lot of them. However, I can’t at the moment think of any other revisionist that has taken on and demolished so many of Velikovsky’s arguments  and yet at the same time he remains positively onboard the Velikovsky experience. Input comes from fellow revisionists such as Dale Murphie, John Crowe, Barry Curnock, Lester Mitcham, Alan Montgomery, John Lascelles, and others as Eric is the kind of beast that likes to embrace a kind of fellowship in his studies. This is not a revision written in stone, it is not the final product by no measure. It is instead an offering that can be used as a tool for further research into ancient chronology. It is dense and robust, addresses all manner of issues and chronological conundrums, and is even quite radical on occasion. Recommended reading fodder.

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