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19 March 2010

www.physorg.com/print188045220.html … contrary to research published last year, using genetics, domesticated dogs originated in East Asia and were used as a supplementary meat source in lean times of the year. Dogs are still eaten in China – and across Siberia and East Asia (and the practise was transferred into North America by migrants). Another genetic study at about the same time suggested village dogs in Africa may have been the origin of some, if not many, dog breeds. As things go different scientists have different ideas – even when using genetic analysis as a point of research. So it is with dogs. Another study argues they originated in the Middle East – and claim their genetics are more reliable than the other two claims. According to an article in Nature it makes sense that dogs were originally domesticated in the Fertile Crescent as this was the home of agriculture – and cats are thought to have been domesticated in the region too. I’m not sure if that argument will suffice as dogs are known from archaeology in Belgium dating back to over 30,000 years ago – and in Russia from some 15,000 years ago. In a separate paper in the journal BMC Biology genes in dogs have been isolated, it is said, particularly the one giving rise to size – but they all have an origin in the wolf.

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