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Oh to be a Sunbeam

19 March 2010

www.thunderbolts.info March 10th … ‘The Sunbeam of Yore’ explores features associated with  the axis mundi or world axis – a column of dazzling light visible in the sky. For example, Sumerian temples, such as that of Gudea of Lagash, ‘made Ningursu’s house come out like the Sun from the clouds’ – a sunbeam, so that it ‘rises like the Sun over the Land … and illuminates the assembly like a delightful moonlight’. The article goes on to relate this to plasma but it appears to have an uncanny similarity with what people tried to build into their ancient monuments, at for example the Temple of Karnak in Egypt or Newgrange in Ireland, a shaft of bright sunlight illuminating a dark chamber – a sunbeam. This usually occurred at specific times of the year – and we might suppose an association with the equinoxes or midsummer/midwinter was the easiest to achieve as far as laying down an alignment. Even some Christian churches, it is claimed, incorporate a sunbeam on the day of the saint to which the church is dedicated. This is a fascinating subject as sunbeams were a feature of religion in a variety of regions around the world – and the question is why this was so? Were they mimicking plasma discharges as they impacted with the Earth’s magnetosphere or was some other phenomenon being repeated – over and over again.

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