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Red Shift

28 March 2010

Science Daily March 26th (www.sciencedaily.com id 100325091430) – Astronomers at Leiden Observatory conducted an intensive survey of 446,000 galaxies in what is known as the COSMOS survey. Hubble photographed 575 slightly overlapping views of the same part of the universe which took 1000 hours. Researchers also used redshift dta from ground based telescopes to assign distances to the galaxies (out to red shift 5) which confirms Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and the idea of accelerating cosmic expansion. The results will be published in Astronomy and Astrophysics.

Note … redshift denotes the fraction by which the lines in the spectrum of an object are shifted towards longer wavelengths due to the expansion of the universe. The observed red shift of a remote galaxy provides an estimate of it’s distance.

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