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Morrison locking horns on the Tusk

8 April 2010

Over at George Howard’s site, www.cosmictusk.com April 8th there is a response by Burchard to NASA scientist David Morrison who is critical of the YD boundary event as postulated by Firestone and West et al. With the WISE mission ongoing upstairs this might not be the wisest of moments to claim there is no evidence of impacts or inter-actions between space and the atmosphere of the earth as recently as 12,000 years ago. However, Morrison is not in that mould. He is well known as a self appointed spokesperson of the conventional consensus view in virtually every field of science – and comets are not in his minds eye. Burchard in his reply asks, does he know there was a Mediterranean Basic convulsion in AD365 just when the Danube was swollen to several miles wider from a climatic downturn that shows up in tree rings (a low growth event) and Alexandria was hit by a tsunami? Has he seen the gravity anomalies of the Shiva crater off Mumbai (Chattejee pdf included) and does he understand hydrocarbons found in impact craters?

George Howard sounds a trifle miffed with David Morrison as he includes a picture of them shaking hands at the 2009 conference. He is perhaps angry because Morrison and his colleagues are tax funded scientists – but that would not matter much over here. He asked Burchard to respond, and Bill Napier. He went through all the evidence produced by Whipple, Clube and Napier, Kresak and Sakanina etc as a form of reply to the Morrison article in April’s Sceptical Enquirer (and we might expect some more on this later).

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