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Mount St Helens – 30 years after

11 April 2010

Science News April 10th … this is a preview of a paper to be published on April 24th in Science News volume 177. If you have ever wondered what happened in the Mount St Helens landscape in the 30 years since it blew it’s top so dramatically this is the article to read – www.sciencenews.org/view/feature/id/58034/title/A_fresh_look_at_Mount_St_Helens.htm , an interesting read but is largely concerned with the recovery of flora and fauna. The accumulation of debris (blown upwards and then falling back down again to form a blanket), and how only a few animal species have re-colonised the area. The actual geology of the event is disappointingly absent but there is a bibliography for those people that might want to investigate further.

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