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Black Holes

17 April 2010

Daily Galaxy April 16th (www.dailygalaxy.com) … does our universe exist in a black hole? Cosmic string theorists, it is alleged, have suggested the whole universe may exist in a black hole. In their view the pre-Big Bang universe is vast, infinite, and stretches indefinitely backwards in time. They think the universe might be destroyed on a regular basis – it’s space time twisted into black holes. At the end of the destruction cycles only a very small piece of habitable space might survive which then regrows into a new universe due to the presence of that all-powerful dark matter or dark energy. These are of course theories that are aired not because they are deemed to be the truth, as such, but ideas to be tested by other like-minded people. The Daily Galaxy writer appears to be sceptical of anything involving string theory, but then again, you might be too …

On the same day Daily Galaxy also has a story about something strange lurking in a nearby galaxy, emitting what are described as ‘mysterious’ radio waves. This is a reference to galaxy M82 which is calculated to be 12 million light years away – and is sending out radio waves unlike anything elsewhere in the universe. Galaxy M82 is five times as bright as the Milky Way – and is guilty of ‘superluminal’ motion. Whatever it was switched itself on last year and shows no sign of abating in brightness – like a supernova event that just keeps going on … and on. However, ‘superluminal’ motion has apparently been seen before – in high speed jets of material squirted out of some black holes.

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