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Fireballs … and fire …

21 April 2010

At http://cosmictusk.com April 20th … reports of a fireball over Wisconsin were accompanied by reports of fires breaking out on the ground. This prompted Bob Kobres (see www.abob.libs.uga.edu/bobk/ ) to check his files and he found something similar occurred in Jordan on April 18th 2001 (almost exactly 9 years ago). Eyewitness reports again reported ground fires and tree fires. The general public might think there is nothing peculiar about this, as fireballs = fire. Right? No. Meteorites do not set fires but drop cold from the sky for well understood reasons. Bob Kobres however has evidence from a surprising number of falls that are accompanied by fire from the sky – not all of them, just enough to indicate it can and does happen. Why?

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