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24 April 2010

At http://sites.google.com/site/dragonstormproject/ is a blog devoted to a comet firestorm that contributed to the YD cooling event and faunal extinctions 13,000 years ago. He especially targets what is known as Ignimbrite geological formations found in the Chihuahua desert of northern Mexico – which he calls ‘fire cloud rock’. They have the look of wet fast flowing concrete or lumpy mud in satellite images. He says the ignimbrites are consistent with ejecta – the result of an explosive event (basically, melted rock as a result of a blast of very hot air). Anyone who can remember those Civil Defence booklets (issued to the St John Ambulance Brigade among others) will be familiar with the searing heat generated by a nucleur explosion – and presumably this is something similar. The effects of ‘blast’ are potentially more damaging as the geography involved is wider. Orthodox geology has an alternative explanation for ignimbrites.

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