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The Electric Universe

27 April 2010

Whet your appetite for the up-coming Wal Thornhill presentation in July at the Harlequin Centre in Redhill by perusing a few web sites.

Be aware that Wal needs a supply of questions for the event. Please e-mail //memb-gen [at] sis-group [dot] org [dot] uk“>memb-gen [at] sis-group [dot] org [dot] uk before end of May.

For example, Donald Scott’s www.electric-cosmos.org

or www.plasma-universe.com or www.plasmaresources.com or www.everythingiselectric.com (and see also the links page on this web site which includes Wal Thornhill’s www.holoscience.com and Dave Talbot’s www.thunderbolts.info

See also www.electricuniverse.info which has some very nice starters to prime your appetite for July. These include i) an outline of the Electric Universe theory, ii) a page on terrestrial electricity such as lightning, sprites, St Elmo’s fire etc, iii) electricity in space, iv) plasma v) space plasma and vi) laboratory plasma, while vii) explains just what the speculative theories are in respect of an EU model – and therefore it is not necessary to take onboard the whole kitbag of ideas.

 See also what is another excellent web site, http://mythopedia.info/intro.html for an outline of what it is all about. This is the site of Marinus van der Sluijs, one of the speakers at the recent SIS Cambridge Conference. His angle is the interpretation of myth  and legend via auroral phenomena and plasma formations, and unlike the consensus anthropological opinion he visualises myth as a recollection of ‘real’ events – of unusual natural phenomena. He has also contributed a string of articles to the Thunderbolts web site ‘Picture of the Day’ (a picture with a short piece explaining what it might be all about). These include a diverse number of topics such as the Mountain of the Gods (a widespread mythic theme), the Feathered Serpent, the Ladder to Heaven, the Nature of Nature Gods, Gods in the Flesh, A Potted View on Ancient Geometric Imagery, Bringing in the May, Siriusly Red, the Sunbeam of Yore, Ossified Dragon Theories etc. There can hardly be subject from legend and myth that is not mentioned and if only to satisfy your curiosity without necessarily taking everything onboard they will probably expand your imagination – if nothing else.

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