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SIS Study Group meeting

6 June 2010

The SIS Study Group meeting at Teddington in June 2010 revolved around a talk by SIS member Tony Haynes, with the title ‘The Quantum Electro Dynamic Universe of the Human Body‘. He began by saying that just as the Electric Universe model may bring alternative explanations to the world of astronomy, so in parallel, researchers of the human body may have discovered that electric fields, ignored by conventional medicine, make the body work – opening up a new method of warding off the development of serious illness and crippling disease (see Peter Fraser, Decoding the Human Body Field) (available through Amazon as well as the Bruce Lipton book, The Biology of Belief). (See also www.nutrienergetics.com ).

The methodology can be explained, he assured us, by QED physics, and its development has led to a new kind of therapy with the aim of eliminating distortions in the body field – which are thought to be precursors of degenerative diseases. See Peter Fraser (above). There are similar theories around, such as that of physicist Milo Wolf, author of Space Resonance Theory in which it is claimed space is not empty but filled with waves going in and out to and from matter wherever it is.

Bruce Lipton of Stanford University, a cell biologist, wrote The Biology of Belief after he realised standard cell biology was not the full picture and other factors have a greater effect on our wellbeing than our DNA. We have 70 trillion cells – and just 25,000 genes. Only a few per cent of those are different than those of chimpanzees – so there is something else happening to determine our differences. Lipton is co-founder of Epigenetics and the role of our cells, rather than our genes, he thinks, make us what we are.

Conventional biology assumes that the metabolism of food is the main source of energy that drives the human body, the theory goes. However, there was a post a couple of days on In the News that said something quite different, and that involved chemicals. Fraser, in contrast, says our whole body is full of energy – and that energy, the theory claims, is electricity. This caused the development of ‘energetic medicine’ – which unsurprisingly is ignored by establishment medicine, as ‘quack’ or more politely, ‘complementary medicine’. However, reliance of mainstream medicine almost wholly on drugs is surprisingly narrow and Tony, an electrical engineer, will keep SIS posted on any future developments.


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