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YD impact debate update

17 June 2010

At http://cosmictusk.com we have a couple of stories on what is an ongoing debate – have scientists found evidence of a cosmic connection with the advent of the Younger Dryas or can the anomalies be explained by terrestrial based events. There is a critique of a paper by Pinter and Scott that claims carbon spherules of the type found in the black mat layer can also be found in forest fire incidents and therefore do not prove a cosmic origin for them. This is an interesting titbit as on what basis are they arguing ‘forest fire’ – modern data, or ancient. If ancient, is it presumed to be a simple forest fire as it is feasible an extra-terrestrial dimension was consistent throughout the Holocene on the Clube and Napier model?

The story is also available at www.physorg.com/print195979458.html and explains the new study has interpreted the carbonaceous spherules not from intense impact generated wildfires, but as fossilised balls of fungus,charcoal, and fecal pellets – naturally occurring organic sphere that also date from a period thousands of years before and after the Younger Dryas period – which is used to disprove the idea of a catastrophe. However, the authors are not of course thinking in terms of more than one catastrophe – that means this article may in the end be useful ammunition.

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