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YD Boundary event – critics thick and fast

31 July 2010

George Howard at http://cosmictusk.com/space-com-zoe-macintosh-and-the-delusory-dr-pinter-another-confusing-half-truth-botch-job-on-the-YDB-hypothesis/ on a mounting number of critics who purposely skew the evidence to make it look awry. Sounds just like AGW resistance to the sceptics. Common sense doesn’t exist in science – does it? Just as science reporters don’t read anything about ‘climate science’ they clearly have not been reading the papers on the YDB event but are ad-libbing what the like of Nicholas Pinter have to say. He thinks carbon spherules are formed by fungus – but how does fungus have nano-diamonds growing inside it? It’s gonna be a long hard road George.



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