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Jupiter smacked again

24 August 2010

At www.dailygalaxy.com August 23rd … we have a story that is repeated at many other internet sources but I like this one as it includes further information. Jupiter was hit again by an object, caaptured on film this time by an amateur Japanese astronomer. When he made the claim, with a an image to back it up, the Hubble space camera swang around and various terrestrial space telescopes (and no doubt amateur back window ones too) homed in on Jupiter and confirmed that an impact had probably occurred (the aftermath). Dr Jonathan Horner of the Open University has been researching the potential hazard to earth from comets and asteroids and has disputed the idea that Jupiter necessarily protects the inner solar system from such objects, by sucking them into its atmosphere, presumably by the strength of its gravity and its size. He has built models of the solar system – and yes, he used computers to simulate what might happen to such objects trying to enter the inner solar system, and claims that Jupiter is not neccessarily protecting the earth. So far his model’s findings have not been accepted – and meanwhile, Jupiter continues to be smacked.

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