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YD event update

30 August 2010

Bill Napier reports that a Canadian radar meteor team has confirmed and modelled the predominance of Comet Enck/progenitor in the Zodiacal Cloud (a catastrophist model). At this moment in time the thesis goes unchallenged in astronomical circles. Nobody has produced a viable objection to date as yet. A meteoroid storm, he asserts, is a plausible scenario. He continues by saying he would like the progenitor to be some 100,000 years of age (in the solar system) which is in line with Fred Whipple. However, David Asher and Duncan Steel see it as somewhat younger. Hence, in Napier’s version of events the progenitor could account for a whole raft of Heinrich and Dansgaard Oeschger events (cooling and warmings) that are known to have taken place throughout the Late Pleistocene – and particularly during the last glacial period as a whole (some 100,000 years). Might this be an explanation of the Ice Age – the earth periodically encountering heavy amounts of material displaced from the progenitor? Is that possible?

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