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Archaeological Chronology in eastern and central Europe

25 September 2010

See www.examiner.com/world-culture-in-national/archaeological-culture-and-prehistory/ … this post, by Lolita Nikolova, is basically about prehistoric culture – and its spread. In this context, the route of the spread, from A to B, or from B to A. Culture is affected by migrations, and the names attached to specific cultural layers of archaeology (time and chronology) and this article is specifically about Bulgarian and Balkan archaeology and its association with central Europe, such as Moldavia (Romania). She claims there has been the creation of a series of false synchronisms leading to what has become a very complicated chronology. Her aim is to try and clear up uncertainties and put the chronology back on an even keel. No, this has nothing to do with the Greek Dark Age and its overflow into the Balkans as she is primarily concerned with the Copper Age that preceded the Early Bronze Age (that began around 3000BC). She adds, the Gimbutas invasion theory complicated things, and had a huge negative feedback (the arrival of horse nomads from the Russian steppes).

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