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Comets and the Bronze Age collapse

26 September 2010

George Howard, at http://cosmictusk.com September 26th … has posted an article by Bob Kobres that acknowledges it is based on an artilce published by SIS in C&C Workshop 1992:1. This version has some additional images. One interesting point made by Kobres comes from Martin Brennan’s The Stars and the Stones (Thames and Hudson: 1984) (reviewed by SIS a number of years ago) and concerns Tara, a ritual complex of the gods 10 SW of Newgrange. It is associated in myth with the Tuatha de Danaan, translated variously as Children of the Goddess Dana or as the Lords of Light. Whatever, these objects arrive out of the sky and cast darkness that obscures the Sun for several days and very clearly might be interpreted as a meteor flux of some kind. The Tara mound is aligned to cross quarter days in November and February (and see also Moe Mandelkehr in SIS Review 2002:2 for the significance of these dates). A carved stone within depicts concentric circles which actually mirror the design of the earthworks at Tara – as seen from aerial photographs. Remarkable.

We may also note that concentric circles are also known from other earthworks in NW Europe.

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