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Troy is getting bigger … and a new tomb found in the Orkneys

5 October 2010

At http://heritage-key.com/blogs/ann/project-troia-bronze-age-troy-just-keeps-growing/ … excavations at Hissarlik, the consensus location for the ancient city of Troy, have confirmed Troy VI and VII were much larger than originally thought – the citadel is just one part of the complex. A rock cut ditch Ikm long has been found south of the site and a gate has been unearthed 300m south of the citadel and dated to around 1300BC. Late Bronze Age layers surrounding the gate have been unearthed – dating between 1700 and 1100BC (Troy VI and VIIa). There is a map of the site which shows the excavation and testholes from the 2010 season and others aspects of the excavation. It is thought the citadel, or hillfort, was surrounded by a large settlement complex – and this is being cited as evidence that Hissarlik is indeed Troy.

Meanwhile, at http://news.scotsman.com (id 6561782) a mound in a garden in Orkney turned out to be a tomb going back to 3000BC – or thereabouts. It is situated just 100m from the famous Tomb of the Eagles.

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