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The Scutum

27 October 2010

The Scutum is a constellation at the throbbing heart of the Milky Way. At www.dailygalaxy.com Oct 27th Casey Kazan reports that at the core of the Milky Way there is a monster star cluster. This is Scutum and it includes among its numbers fourteen red supergiants and they emit great bursts of X-rays and gamma rays that according to a new theory are being created by dark matter. Yes, the dark stuff that is so difficult to detect. This mysterious matter is colliding and creating the cosmic rays according to a new theory and more frequently here than anywhere else in our galaxy. The study’s lead author says, we have considered every astronomical source and nothing we know of except dark matter, can account for what we observe. At the moment there are several ongoing experiments in progress to find the elusive dark matter and the problem, it seems, is ripe to solve – and the study author is hoping his theory will be a catalyst as he thinks they are getting close. Are they?

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