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Saturn’s rings oscillate … and more tales of salmon numbers

2 November 2010

At http://jpl.nasa.gov/news/ November 1st …. images captured by the Cassini spacecraft and published in the Astronomical Journal (November) indicate the rings of Saturn behave in a similar way to the Milky Way galaxy – having an irregular and varying shape. For images go to www.nasa.gov/cassini or http://saturn.jpl.nasa.gov or http://ciclops.org Astronomers think 'self excited' oscillations exist in other disc systems such as spiral disc galaxies and proto-planetary discs found close to stars etc.

Meanwhile, at www.nature.com/news/2010/101029/full/news.2010.572.html a study in Geophysical Research Letters suggested a 2008 volcanic eruption in the Aleutian islands created a huge phytoplankton bloom as a result of increased iron in the ocean water. Dust storms from Asian deserts are thought to add doses of iron to the North Pacific – and volcanoes seem to do the same thing, it is being claimed. Zooplankton and small fish feed on phytoplankton and in turn salmon feed on them. It is suggested this is why the 2010 salmon run was so high – the fish had lots of food.

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