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Komodo Dragons

2 December 2010

At www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2010/11/101118093418.htm researchers have been studying a fossil that appears to be a direct link between an ancient lizard populating Africa and the famous Komodo Dragon of Indonesia – and various other lizards. It seems to have been a fresh water lizard so how did it swim across the Indian Ocean, it is being asked, as geology claims Africa was isolated between 100 and 12 million years ago, completely surrounded by oceans. It had yet to crash into Eurasia. No land connection is known to have existed in the consensus geological framework of plate tectonics, and once again here is evidence that appears to contradict such an idea. See earlier posts on anomalies in the Indian Ocean involving Australia and Antarctica as well as India and Madagascar. A reappraisal of the geology might be in order.

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