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Iceland Volcanoes

13 January 2011
Climate change

At the Modern Survival blog it is being suggested the Katla volcano on Iceland, the really big one, is displaying signs of activity. A ring of earthquakes on the western rim of the Myrdalsjokull glacier may indicate Katla is rumbling underneath. This subject has not reached the ears of mainstream media and the continuing problems that Russian ice breakers have been having in trying to rescue fishing boats and factory ships in the Arctic is also ignored – in spite of the fact that 500 lives are at risk. It is however an ongoing feature at http://eureferendum.blogspot.com but it seems that only facts in favour of AGW are permissable in some of our daily rags – and unwelcome news is not.

Modern Survival also has a post on magnetic pole shift and what it means for airports and compasses. Between 1831 and 1904 the magnetic pole moved by 9 miles per year but in 1989 it was found to be moving at 35 miles per year – almost four times as fast. This means that every five years a compass needle will be off by one degree. 

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